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Fried Egg Jellyfish

Jelly fish image 1August is already here and with it, the season of the most beautiful Jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea: The Fried Egg Jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculata).

Since 2012, we are studying the evolution of the population of this jellyfish, and the relationship between climate changes and their presence. In the past, they have shown up around the 15th of august on our coasts. This is the reason, why we are asking you to let us know if you see some, to be able to pinpoint their exact arrival.

Here you have some further information about this beautiful species:

Cotylorhiza tuberculata

Common name: Fried egg jellyfish


Very frequent: from July to October

Umbrella diameter: up to 35 cm

One of the most beautiful jellyfish of the Alboran Sea. The umbrella can measure 30 cm in diameter; it is very rigid and roundish in its centre, where it has a reddish or yellow colour. Without marginal tentacles, 8 oral arms equipped with appendages at their end, button-shaped and white or blue in colour. Cotylorhiza can have symbiotic microalgae that live in its tissues, just as those of tropical corals. This is the reason for it preferring warm and moderate waters and for being restricted to surface waters. Juvenile fishes often accompany it from the Carangidae family.

Its sting is not painful, but they can cause mild to severe rashes if touched with insistence.

Thank you for collaborating with the science.

Jellyfish Research South Spain

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