‘I am not on a diet’ fried spelt tortillas

tortillas closeupFried spelt tortillas


300 grams of spelt flour (you can also use wholemeal flower or white flour)

± 250 ml water



Olive oil


Put the spelt (or other flour of your choice) into a large bowl

Add a sprinkle of salt, about half a teaspoon; you can always add more when the tortilla is fried.

balletjes rauw en massaAdd the water little by little till you have a bread-dough type mass. Not too wet. If it is too wet you add some flour and if it is too dry you add some more water.

Roll small balls of the dough

Put a ball between two sheets of baking paperroller with tortilla and use a rolling pin or a bottle to make them really flat. Keep turning the tortilla over so that it doesn’t stick to the paper. If it does you can add some flour.

nog te frituren tortillas op bordWhen you have made a stack of tortillas you can start frying.

Tortilla in de panPut some olive oil on the bottom of a frying pan and put one tortilla at a time in the pan. As soon as it starts showing bubbles you turn it over and fry the other side. This is a fast process. When the tortilla is slightly golden brown on both sides you take it out and put it on some kitchen paper and start with the next one.

When your pile of tortillas is ready you can create a yoghurt sauce to go with the tortillas.


300 grams of unsweetened natural yoghurt.

Optional 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

1 small cucumber or half a large cucumber, shredded

1 clove of garlic

A tiny bit of salt

About ¼ teaspoon of honey   tortillas met yoghurt sauce


Mix all the ingredients and use as a sauce for the tortillas.

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