An American in La Herradura

She’s from Oregon in the United States, which is west above California. MH for M Her name is Michelle Rabin and she has fallen in love with our ‘horseshoe’ bay. When you meet her you are greeted with a smile and a happy, bubbly energy. But why, and more so, how does someone from the US end up in the village of La Herradura you might wonder?

Michelle and her husband Sandy visited the province of Granada, three years ago for a trip to discover southern Spain. They stayed for ten days in the beautiful city of Granada and then drove down to the coast for another 17 days to explore the coastline. One day they came across the La Herradura bay and immediately they knew … this is the place for us. A year later they came back to stay in the village for a month in order to get to know it better. Michelle and Sandy fell for La Herradura with its typical Spanish feel, where expats mingle with the Spanish. They did check out other places, including on the Costa del Sol, but it reminded them too much of a ‘Miami beach on steroids’. Every time they returned from an exploration trip to La Herradura they strongly felt that this was the right place for them.

They entered a different kind of adventure and started looking for a house that they could turn into their home for several months a year. In the winter of 2015, just before their flight back to the US, they found the perfect place. The contract was signed and Michelle has a new passion and that is introducing what she has found and appreciates here to a specific type of tourist. A tourist with an eye for beauty, authenticity and culture. It is her goal to also allow other people to enjoy both their house and the village, showing them the wealth in culture and natural beauty La Herradura has to offer.  However, for three months during wintertime Michelle and Sandy will call La Herradura their home, a place to relax and enjoy this special seaside village and its surroundings.

green-teaMichelle also has another passion and that is tea. More specifically green tea, with all its wonderful properties, but that will be another story that you will be able to read soon on our La Herradura cultural website.

Do you have an interesting story to share about what La Herradura means to you and how you’ve found it? Feel free to contact Renate, the initiator of the La Herradura Cultural web magazine.

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