Summer pasta with tuna fish

Tonijn zomerpasta 2


– pasta of your choice serving three (best not to use spaghetti)

– 1 mozzarella cheese

– approximately 150grams of tinned tuna fish (I prefer to use the one in olive oil)

– half a medium sized onion (red onions are a good choice)

– olive oil

– fresh tomatoes, 2 or 3 depending on the size.


Bring to boil a large pan with abundant water and salt

When the water boils you add pasta for two servings and cook till al dente. During the cooking time of the pasta you prepare the ingredients.

Chop, or slice the onion, chop the mozzarella in small cubes, cut the tomatoes in pieces and mix them with the tuna fish and some olive oil in a large bowl. If you like you can add some salt and pepper but this is not necessary. The tuna fish and the onion give a nice taste to the pasta.

When the pasta is ready (al dente) you mixed it in with the cold ingredients. Serve immediately. This pasta is eaten lukewarm, like a salad, and very delicious!


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