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Juan Aragüés, a Dream Maker

dream-makersOriginally from Zaragoza, Juan came to La Herradura because he loves the south of Spain and the Andalucian sun and weather, and so, together with his partner, the Russian violinist Elena Farkhutdinova, he moved to the Costa Tropical. The decision to come here was made during their Easter holidays in 2014 when they visited the area. Since march 2015 they live in La Herradura.

“Something magical has happened in our lives and something wonderful is going on in this beautiful place. People here are exceptionally kind and cheerful. The landscape is beautiful no matter where we go in the near surroundings.” Says Juan

juan-guitarraJuan is Dream Makers’  singer and composer. The band started in January 2016 with the intention of giving birth to a dream that has been gestating for many years, the dream to live for that which the musician feels since he was born, music. The musical style of Dream Makers is a mix of rock, pop & funk, with an indie orientation and soul of rock&roll.

“Dreams are guiding us to what we truly are, even more so, we are our dreams and that’s precisely what I try to share with my songs. They have a spiritual content. Elena says that they are positive love songs; often so-called love songs are about thing like leaving, sad things, so not so much loving at all. It is my desire to spread joy and I hope my songs will be received as a consciousness manifestation. I believe humanity is involved in an awakening of consciousness process right now as part of the evolution, of creation, of universal life. I perceive it as a future fact. Humanity will awake and become conscious, a paradigm or whatever we want to call it, will bring a new lovely, creative, respectful, peaceful and unitary way of living. It’s an unavoidable fact because it has been something desired and dreamed about all over the world, and that’s the anticipation of creation. I don’t  mean that we need saviors or something of beyond human nature to make it happen, it will happen for sure, but it is my wish to be part of that creative process, through my music” Juan continues.

IMG_20160707_201010The Dream Makers band was formed in La Herradura. Its founding members are Elena Farkhutdinova, Juani Boto and Juan Aragüés. Omar León and José Romero (temporally replaced by Paco Romero, José’s father) completed the band. They met at Paul Grau’s studio in Motril in May of this year and recorded the preproduction of their first album.

This weekend the band is starting its Awakening 2016 Tour. They are first going to play in the main locations in Granada’s Costa Tropical, but will then extend their tour to Malaga, Granada and towns in the north of Spain such as Zaragoza. They also plan to record their first album in fall.

Juan feels La Herradura is his creation place, the place where dreams are fulfilled, where all the life requirements he loves are manifesting, the weather, and the sea, lovely and a different kind of people, the artists, the beauty, harmony and peace.

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