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Image from Jose y Nihal
Paco Alaminos (photo Jose y Nihal)
La Herradura seen from punta black and whtie
Overview of the village

Paco Alaminos is a retired carpenter, born and raised in La Herradura, who loves to compile old village photos. He has contributed village photos for a book about La Herradura, called ‘La Herradura en blanco y negro’ (La Herradura in black and white) which has been created in collaboration with the local council. The book is a very interesting collection of village photos showing life in the old days. Everybody in the village knows Paco. Now retired he can look back on the many changes in the village, some for better, some for worse but he is still very proud and fond of La Herradura.

 – All the black and white images on this page are taken from the  book ‘Imágenes del Pasado, La Herradura en blanco y negro –

Punta de Mona black and white
Puna de la Mona
Marina black and White
The Marina (harbour)

Paco has much affection for the past which he expresses through the photos he has accumulated. He does feel some nostalgia for those long gone days when life was so much simpler.  Over the years the collection of photos has grown considerably as each time the photos were exhibited people came along and told Paco that they too had some old photos. Paco then copied these photos and added them to the collection. To this day people offer him photos and he now has over 400 pictures which are kept on a CD. During the summer months part of the collection is shown as an exhibition in the Civic Centre.

Paco also appears in a film, made by the local village photographers Nihal Sofia Perez Abay, in which he reads from the book ‘Cien años de fotografía de la Herradura y Almuñécar’. (One Hundred Years of Photography in La Herradura and Almuñécar). The film shows many of the pictures of Paco’s collection as well. It can be seen on YouTube: La Herradura Tropical Paradise

This is what Paco’s love doing. Telling a story with pictures, the pictures of his village. By doing that he can keep the history of La Herradura during the early and mid-1900s alive for many generations to come.”

Paco Alaminos

You can read the full story about Paco Alaminos in the book ‘Reflections from La Herradura

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