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La Cochera, a touch of magic

buitenkant cocheraNo matter how old you are, no matter what your political or religious beliefs, and no matter whom you love, you are welcome in La Cochera – that is, of course, as long as you respect everybody else. That is the sense and feeling you get when visiting this unique bar in La Herradura. This sense of freedom, of people feeling welcome is exactly what Antonio, the owner of La Cochera had in mind many years ago when he first opened the doors of this music café.  La Cochera, interior, ask AntonioThis is not just a place where people come to soak up the enchanting atmosphere whilst sitting down for a drink and a chat with fantastic music in the background, it’s also one of the best-known bars in La Herradura and famous for its exceptional live music offerings particularly at the weekends. During the summer months you can enjoy a great atmosphere, listen to wonderful music and dance your worries away on Friday and Saturday nights, from midnight onwards. Winter months usually offer the Saturday night spectacle but also easy listening live music on Sunday early evenings, usually starting around 18.30. La Cochera interior, Ask Antonio

But La Cochera is not just a music café. It is an artwork in itself. Every single inch of the bar is full of artistic curiosities. There are astonishing Indian, Indonesian and Arab touches everywhere. At the end of the bar courtyar image 3there is also an enchanting courtyard garden that is equally artistic, with all manner of objets d’art to feast your eyes on whilst you relax on the colourful benches. There usually is a harmonious mix of different types of people visiting the establishment. Hippies, politicians, business people, young and old, everybody is welcome to La Cochera. So why not come and enjoy a drink in the magic courtyard garden or listen to some live music? La Cochera, with its unique arty entrance is easy to find on the seafront in La Herradura.

La Cochera
La Cochera

To find out about the specific groups that perform in La Herradura make sure to check out Antonio’s Facebook page on a weekly basis.

Antonio Cochera – on Facebook

And you can read more about Antonio and about La Cochera in the La Herradura book “Reflections from La Herradura”  You can also buy the book in the bookshop (Coral) on the sea front.

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