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Juanfran Cabrera – comic book writer

Juanfran plano medio 2Juanfran Cabrera was born in La Herradura and studied at the faculty of Fine Arts at the university in Granada. Although Juanfran considers Granada  to be one of the most beautiful cities in the area, he feels he has to live near the sea. During his life as a student he often imagined that the constant hum of cars passing by in the streets was the sound of sea waves.

As well as his love for the sea, Juanfran has a passion for drawing and in particular for drawing comics. People often think of superheroes like Batman and Spiderman when they think of comic books, but Juanfran doesn’t  like super heroes very much. Instead he prefers to tell stories that are inspired by real life. He feels that a comic, among other things, can be a great waNaufragio en La Herraduray of reaching people who normally wouldn’t pick up a book. Through the medium of comics, for instance, children can be taught history in a more accessible way and the lively images can be used to bring historical facts to life.
One example is the book Juanfran created about the shipwreck that took place in 1562 in La Herradura called ‘Naufragio en La Herradura’. This book was created in 2012 in collaboration with the local council in remembrance of the 450th anniversary of this incredibly sad event.

At the moment Juanfran is working on the comic illustrations of a series of five books, Los Caballeros de la Orden de Toledo, which he is producing together with Javierre, a screenwriter who writes the stories. Los Caballeros de la Orden de Toledo 01In December of 2015 they were jointly given the Expocómic award, for Best National Work of 2015.Los Caballeros de la Orden de Toledo 02 The series is based on the friendship between poet and play writer Federico García Lorca, filmmaker Luis Buñuel and painter Salvador Dalí. Los Caballeros de la Orden de Toledo 03Although the stories, which take place in Madrid. They are not 100% biographical but they give an excellent impression of how these inspirational artists were living their lives during the Roaring Twenties.
Los Caballeros de la Orden de Toledo 04For Juanfran his work is his passion and he feels really grateful that he can do what he loves in his lovely village of La Herradura.

You can read a longer version of Juanfran’s story, you’ll find it in the La Herradura book, simply click here.

For more information and more books you can also check out his website:

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