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Lino Díaz a Jazz musician

Lino alleen op photo
Lino Díaz

A familiar face and a much loved jazz musician in La Herradura is Lino Díaz, originally from Cuba. Lino is a classical and jazz pianist. Together with his wife, Lupe Posada, he has created his band Timbalito Street. They perform in various places but every Monday evening you can enjoy a wonderful jazz experience in El Tinao in La Herradura. Lino lives in La Herradura with his wife Lupe and their two sons. His family is very important to him and he feels that since living in the village he has grown a lot in many ways. Although he was trained to be a classical musician and subsequently became a Latin music performer he started to play more and more jazz music when he came to La Herradura. As the years passed, it gradually dawned on him who he was as an artist…he was a jazz musician!

Lino also composes music and writes lyrics. He is in fact a singer/songwriter. As a composer he composes mainly jazz music and is currently producing his own jazz album.

Lino also likes to collaborate with other artists and in particular he has a very special bond with Charly Endres, a German saxophonist.

Timbalito Street and Charlie Endres
Timbalito Street and Charlie Endres

When Charly is in La Herradura they always play together. They love performing together, it is a musical synergy, and they understand each other without speaking. They usually perform together in El Tinao when Lino is playing there with Lupe and their band Timbalito Street. Often other musicians are invited to join in as well, thus creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Timbalito Street, Lupe and Lino
Timbalito Street

Lino is grateful for the life he is able to live in La Herradura. About his life as a musician he says: “being a musician is about having a career that will never finish, it is a way of life, it is a need, it is spiritual. The day that you don’t play music or do not hear music is a day lost.”

If you’d like to enjoy an evening with Timbalito Street in La Herradura you are more than welcome to pop along to El Tinao every Monday from 21.00. Entrance is free.

Timbalito Street and friends
Timbalito Street and friends

You can read more about Lino and Lino’s musical story on in ‘Reflections from La Herradura’.

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