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Meet Lupe Posada, a mother, musician and singer

Lupe posado 2.
Lupe Posada

A mother, musician and singer from Cuba … meet Adaleydis Amador Posada, or as her many fans know her – Lupe Posada. One of the talented musicians in Timbalito Street, formed by her husband Lino Díaz and herself, Lupe also performs in other music groups, such as the group of her mother, Consuelo Posada who occasionally comes to Spain to perform, or that of her brother Luis de la Cruz, who lives and performs in Italy. Lino and Lupe themselves lived for quite a few years in Italy but now call La Herradura their home.

Lupe and Lino
Lupe and Lino

According to the pair, it was in La Herradura where they found themselves, musically-speaking. Both jazz lovers, they now focus on this musical genre when they play as Timbalito Street. Lupe is mainly the singer but she also provides some percussion. Their Cuban roots shine through in these performances as well as they both like musical fusion.

Although Lupe is a full-time artist, her role as a mother is, she says, perhaps her most precious job and she finds that La Herradura is the perfect place for bringing up children. Their first child was born in Italy and their second in La Herradura. The house is always filled with music and singing and the boys are picking up on this, especially her son who has autism and who is revealing very special musical talents.

Lupe, singing and percussion
Lupe, singing and percussion

Lupe feels happy in La Herradura, not only because it is such a safe place for her children but also because it is such a musically interesting place with lots of artists. If you want to check out Timbalito Street (and we thoroughly recommend you do),check out the information of Lupe on Facebook.


If you like to find out more about Lupe and her personal story you can read about her in ‘Reflections from La Herradura’.

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