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Anna DiGesu, From America to La Herradura

Anna DiGesu at work
Anna DiGesu at work

Originally from the USA, Anna DiGesu  came to Almuñécar (which is the municipality La Herradura falls under), in 1967 and stayed for twenty two years. She felt attracted by the sea, the inviting sky, and the inspiring Mediterranean light. She also was made very welcome by the locals.

In the late eighties she  had to return to the US for family reasons, returning to Spain six years later , Anna ended up staying not in Almuñécar this time, but in La Herradura, where she has become a well-loved member of both the Spanish and expat community. She can often be seen riding her bike or walking through the village, meeting up with friends for a coffee, a chat and some inspiration.

Girl in coloured rocker
Girl in coloured rocker
Woman in hat head in hand
Woman with hat, head in hand

She also organises a weekly drawing class, where she and other painters work from a live model. Anna uses her sketches as a base for her paintings. She is always working; she has to, she says, as she doesn’t feel alive if she doesn’t. She needs to spend that time with her canvas, her brushes and her colours, with some classical music in the background, to create her works of art.

Anna works in oils, watercolours and pastels and at this stage in her career she especially feels attracted by the female figure which she depicts with expressive, colourful strokes. Although she used to be inspired in her work by Matisse and Chagall, over her many years as a professional artist she now has certainly developed her very own style.

Night Scene
Night Scene

According to Anna, living in La Herradura has changed her personality in a positive way. She feels happier, more jokey and has become a more rounded and understanding person. Seeing how the Spanish accept all the weird and wonderful people who have flocked here as well as their own local ‘characters’ has helped Anna realise that this kind of acceptance is actually something good to practice, and for this insight she thanks La Herradura.

To read Anna’s story and hear how she describes her connection to La Herradura you can read “Reflections from La Herradura” which you can purchase here:

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