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Renate van Nijen, author and artist

Renate van Nijen
Renate van Nijen

Renate is a Dutch born internationally exhibited artist and published writer with a passion for mandalas.  She has been living in Southern Spain since 2004.


Apart from being an internationally exhibited artist for over 25 years, Renate has always enjoyed writing.  She loves to observe and often sees the funny side of life which she turns into short stories on her blog: RenartsWorld

So far Renate has published 6 books.

published books
published books

Secret thoughts, quirky sensual flash fiction tales with a twist – now also available in Spanish – and Cheers, The hidden voices of alcoholism’ now also translated into Dutch, German and Spanish. ‘I feel better’, ‘I can forgive’ and ‘I feel better with astrology’ are part of a seven part series called ‘The art of feeling better’. However, her latest book ‘Reflections from La Herradura’ – also available in Spanish –  is about La Herradura, a seaside village in southern Spain, a guide-book, history-book and collection of artist biographies all rolled into one. ‘Reflections from La Herradura’ is available from this website. click here

If you are interested in a signed copy of any of Renate’s other books you can either send her an email to or purchase it from Amazon.


Renate followed her education in the field of expressive art in New Zealand and the Netherlands and has worked in the studios of professional artists both in the Netherlands and Italy. Her work has been exhibited and purchased internationally, from Amsterdam to New York, Paris, Rome, Moscow and many more.

Three masks, oil painting

Renate does not use live models, but works mostly intuitively, however she gets inspired by coincidentally passing people which she alters into models. Every artwork is a story and each story an artwork in itself which not necessarily has to be recognized by the viewer. The red moon in many of her paintings represents the Goddess Isis, symbol for female intuition and creativity.

Female figure: Renate works in oil and acrylics and her work often shows a female figure in strong colours.

Flamenco Sunset, oil painting
Flamenco Sunset, oil painting

Flamenco: Renate also likes to depict the famous Andalusian Dance called Flamenco in her paintings.

ceramic 'surrender' ball
ceramic ‘surrender’ ball

Ceramic: Years ago Renate also embarked on a ceramic adventure. She has a series called ‘surrender’ of figures surrendering to the world or to their own world. Apart from that she likes to create female torsos.

Mandalas: Something totally different but certainly worth mentioning is Renate’s love for mandalas. She loves them because they have such a calming and relaxing effect to look at or when you create them.

balance olifant mandalaMany of Renate’s images are also available as postcards or posters.


For more information about books, paintings, ceramics and mandalas you can visit Renate’s website:

Or you can follow Renate on Facebook: click here

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