Raimundo from the village barber shop

It is like stepping back in time when you walk into the tiny space. The walls are covered with posters from long gone heroes, out of date event posters and calendars mixed in with postcards, old photos and street maps. Everybody knows him and he knows everybody. The locals tell him their stories and he passes the stories on to those who are willing to listen. He is like a narrator telling the tales of the storytellers.

Raimundo in his barbershopRaimundo is a colourful figure with the habit of shaving off his thinning hair once a year and then leaving it to grow at will again till the next year. He was still a boy when he started helping out in his father’s barbershop, which was also in Calle Real but more or less opposite the current barbershop. He remembers that his father made him sit on a wooden box to read aloud the newspapers to locals who could not read and write.

He loves his work – he likes working in general and caPeluquero Calle Realnnot see himself not doing something. There usually are people in his barbershop, either just coming in for a chat, reading the newspaper or to get a haircut. Both young and old find their way to this characterful and friendly barber.

Times have changed, but his work as a hairdresser has always given and still gives him a sense of freedom. He likes the fact that he has met so many people, foreigners and Spanish alike, and hopes to get to know many more. He will continue to inspire people with his view on life, a smile and a friendly advice.

You can read Raimundo’s full story in ‘Reflections from La Herradura’.

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