Paco Martín, a happy streetsweeper

His friendly smile puts me at ease. I am slightly worried that I will not understand everything he will tell me as he has a strong Andaluz dialect and he talks very quickly. Francesco Martin has agreed to meet up with me so I can ask him some questions for the Reflections from La Herradura book. My idea for the book was to include a few quirky figures, a history and an evolution chapter and a collection of stories of artists who either live in La Herradura permanently or for larger parts of the year.  Paco streetsweeper veraf

Francesco, or Paco as everybody calls him, is one of the street sweepers in La Herradura. I see him often when I walk my dog in the morning and I am always amazed with how much enthusiasm he sweeps the streets. He is passionate and greets everybody with a smile and a kind word.

“I like it when everything is clean”, he says. “I want the people who visit La Herradura and the people who live here to think… it is so nice and clean here.” He explains that he loves the sea because it is in his soul; Paco used to be a fisherman and his passion for the sea is very clear as he explains that he still feels the fisherman´s blood running through his veins.

But he likes his present job too and after the interview he is happy to pose or a photo.

You can read Paco’s story in ‘Reflections from La Herradura’  Paco streetsweeper dichtbij

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