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‘Reflections from La Herradura’ tells the story of a magic village in southern Spain. It is a combination of guide book, history book and collection of biographies rolled into one, offering the reader a privileged, ‘behind the scenes’ look at life in a seaside village on the Costa Tropical and a fascinating glimpse into the minds of its artists and visionaries.

You can purchase the book in the village from the two book/stationery shops or directly from Amazon – Reflections from La Herradura.

Someone – a person who was clearly as entranced by the magic of La Herradura as I am – once said: ‘La Herradura will either lure you in or spit you out.’ Over the years I’ve been living here, I’ve seen how true this is, and I can certainly say with delight that my own experience was one of being ‘lured in’ rather than the alternative.


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I am a Dutch artist and writer who fell in love with La Herradura the first time I came here in 2004. I even met and married a Spanish man from the village in 2014.Over the years, I’ve become increasingly aware of La Herradura’s power to attract interesting characters –for its size,
the village seems to draw more than its fair share of musicians, painters, writers and other creative people and also people with a spiritual way of viewing life.
Through talking to local people, I’ve discovered that this has always been the case and this has so intrigued me that I’ve decided to find out why. 
I felt inspired to write a book that not only shows the history, evolution and description of the village, but also looks at the reasons why so many artists have found their way to La Herradura and what inspires them to do what they do – will make for a very interesting read.

The result is a unique combination of historical, cultural and human interest stories, now published both in English – ‘Reflections from La Herradura’ – and in Spanish – ‘Reflejos del Paisaje Humano de La Herradura’.  As you read the stories of La Herradura’s artists and other ‘colourful’ people, you will not only find out what drives them, but also learn about La Herradura’s history, its evolution and hopes for the future as well as discover its secrets and hidden places.

For the cover I used an oil painting made especially for this book, depicting a flamenco dancer, the shape of a horseshoe (Herradura) and a white village.

SEASIDE REFLECTIONS (Title book cover painting)La Herradura painting more pixels I believe La Herradura has the potential to be one of Andalucia’s cultural hotspots and deserves to be better known. It is a great example of a village where different nationalities live together peacefully and where cultural happenings are encouraged and applauded.

Intrigued? You fancy finding out about flamenco, saving the rhinos or discovering Andalusia, to name but a few of the stories? Then feel free to order your copy here:

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