A Heartist, creating Art from the heart

A Heartist, creating Art from the heart

heart’s desire oil on canvas

A short while ago I saw information from an artist who described herself as a Heartist, creating Art from the Heart. I like the word and perhaps I feel attracted to it because I think it describes me as an artist. I don’t necessarily follow rules, I don’t use models, I only create when I am in the flow and I paint – and you could argue even write – intuitively, from the heart. Just going with the flow. Whatever comes out may come out. And when it feels good enough it can stay and be shared. I also want to create art that can give people a nice, happy, dreamy or even tingling.

I also like the description of Heartist that I found online.

one who lives/creates/cooperates from the heart. Love is the muse of the heartist awakening to a one heart world, each heartist must find their way to the source of passion within, step into the river of inspiration and flow with moment to unveil the mystery of self.”

I do strive to live, create and cooperate from the heart but it’s not always easy. We get bombarded with information on the internet and via the media in general . There is so much suffering of both animals and humans that it is difficult to see the world as a place of love and to see that even those inflicting so much pain on others are part of that one heart world. If you trust what scientists are now having to understand, that we are all connected puts things into a difficult to grasp perspective. Going within seems to be the answer.

Going within when I create

At least as far as my art is concerned I like to go within and go with the flow. I use bright colours and I like playing with colours as I mix them directly on the canvas. I can sense  the energy this gives to my art. A positive energy, some lightness and light in times where darkness often seems so prominent. I have started to paint angel paintings, however still in my usual style, some fully-figured and sensual. I even experimented with some glitter which you can only see from certain angles. Some angels are surrounded by poppy flowers and sunflowers. The Red Moon, which has been in my art for more than two decades also seems to disappear. I say this as if I have no saying in this and I believe this is true. I could no longer paint the way I painted 15 years ago. I could, but I can’t because it doesn’t feel right. I need to follow my intuition.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t experiment. The other day I wanted to experiment with mono-printing. I was inspired by a large image of just the head of a Buddha on the wall of a friend of mine whilst we were chatting via Skype. I didn’t want to literally copy it, but just create an impression of a Buddha head.

In my studio I went to work. I was in a good place, I felt calm and peaceful. Maybe it helps that I actually like the teachings of Buddha and I even have Buddha sculptures both in my living room and in my bedroom. It acts as a reminder of that way of thinking which, in fact, teaches you to live from the heart.

I used some old tiles and painted them with acrylics, which means I had to work fast and without thinking too much, as the acrylic paint dries up rapidly.

When I had made the first print I added paint to the same tile again and made another print. I decided to not make more than five prints of each tile. I ended up with seven different prints (from two tiles) that I like more than I thought I would. After  some minor touch ups with a brush, I signed them and then allowed them to dry.

The result is my first series of Buddha-inspired mono prints. To see the entire series you can visit the gallery.

I will definitively continue experimenting with mono-prints as I like the fast process and the rather unpredictable outcome. If you are interested in one of the mono-prints you can contact me via this website.

For seasonal greetings I‘ve created this Christmas card with which I like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. straight from from my heart!

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