Flash fiction stories

Eat as much as you like

He was clearly walking towards the pavement cafe where I had just ordered a cafe con leche. His legs slightly bowed, like an urban cowboy who had just dismounted his black beauty. I could not help but wonder whether he needed to walk like that for a reason; his bits freely dangling around or because his manhood was tickled by an exuberant forest of hair.

My flow of thoughts was interrupted by the caw of a seagull, reminding me of where I was. The sun trying to warm the morning after a chilly night. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, it promised to be a lovely day.

While I was enjoying my coffee he asked whether the seat at my table was free. I could feel my face turning red as I nodded timidly whilst looking into his steel-blue eyes. He confidently sat down and I could have sworn I saw a tiny shiny star glittering on one of his white teeth revealed by a mysterious smile.

A perfect match with his Greek nose, sculptured lips, messy long black hair. His English betrayed a strong Spanish accent, which made him extra charming. He was so easy to talk to, interesting, kind and cosmopolitan.

Three hours later I was invited to go to his place that evening. He asked me to wear a tight black dress and red stilettos. He seemed so prepared, how could I refuse. He told me he would personally cook me his favourite meal. At seven o’clock in the evening a limousine stopped in front of my house to pick me up. He was the perfect gentleman when he welcomed me into his home.

Wonderful aromas wafted through the stylishly furnished apartment, penetrating my nose and making my mouth water. He took me in his arms, kissed me passionately and whispered, ‘come in princess, I am going to spoil you’. A strong aperitif later he welcomed me into the dining room lit by a sea of golden candle lights.

After a delicious salad with fresh bread I could see the pride in his eyes when he presented the main meal of callos, criadillas and cabeza de cordero. With a hoarse voice he said…. “please my darleeng, eat as much as you like!”


My favourite Umbrella

It was her favourite umbrella; she took it everywhere, like a little treasure. Protected from the rain in wintertime and protected from the sun during the long hot summer. It had beautiful colours, bright pink with Egyptian patterns in Indian yellow and cadmium red.

I could not keep my eyes off the umbrella, it was mesmerising, like a magnet, and before I knew it I had fallen in love with it.  So I became her friend.

Strawberry season had arrived and I invited her over. She greedily ate the enormous plate with juicy big red strawberries sprinkled with some freshly squeezed orange juice and sugar and finished off with a big blob of double cream.

She did mention that a few of them tasted a little strange but I could not confirm that because of my allergy to strawberries.

I am more of a meat lover and hers tasted delicious. In stews, soups, on the barbeque and roasted in the oven with fresh organic vegetables.

I now welcome sunny and rainy days, knowing that its colours perfectly match the colours in my pink floral dress…….. it is my favourite umbrella.


The Dolphin

Dolphins gliding gracefully through a calm sea, wild and unhurried. Only twenty metres off the coast moving in slow motion, occasionally taking a timely breath of fresh air.

It’s early morning, no other human soul is stirring, there is hardly any sound. I sit down on the sand and stare, enchanted. I am desperate for a better view, but my vision is blurred, so I clean my spectacles and suddenly I spot him.

The most beautiful creature I have ever seen rising up from the water. I feel a distinct shiver going through my spine, my heart beat decides on a moment of silence. Not sure where to look or whether to speak, I gather my thoughts.

His beautiful, agile body is now in full view, but he falls over, right in front of me. I can see the sadness in his eyes, as he realises he cannot come any closer. His tail prevents him from walking onto the beach to take me into his strong arms.

I decide that my close encounter with a merman was perhaps a little unrealistic. The obscure thoughts in my lively brain dissolve into thin air, taken away by the sea breeze.

The inspirational dolphins retreat into the vast blue, leaving me alone once more with yet another quirky secret thought.


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