Declutter Sale

To declutter art. (For images scroll down) Is that OK for a professional artist? I have decided that at this stage of my life it is. I’m a painter and a writer and both are important to me. There are periods in my life that my focus lies completely on painting and there are times when I cannot stop writing. I know that the best thing for me is to go with the flow.

My flow now seems to direct me to conducting my art classes. I also feel an urge coming up to start a new series of paintings. Currently I don’t have any exhibitions lined up, because I have decided that I like to increase my online presence and put my energy into that. I will continue to offer my artwork via my website and the online Saatchi art gallery and I intend to increase my visibility through the social media, which is an absolute challenge for me.

My painting urge means that I need to create some space. All the walls in our house are full with my art, but there are also quite a few artworks stacked against the wall. Not so good. So I have decided to declutter and this means finding a new home for a number of my paintings. For this reason I will sell quite a few of my paintings for a highly reduced price. So this is your chance. If you like my work and want a good investment (as my prices are normally way higher), feel free to check out the images below.

I also would like to make a point. Art changes the energy in a space. You can have a beautifully renovated house, bespoke furniture and trendy accessories, but original art is what makes the difference in the atmosphere. Now if you would like to know what art can do for you and how it can change a house into a home you can read my blog The Energy of art. For an overview of the artworks that I offer for sale please feel free to check out the images below. Should you be interested in any of these art works, please give me a ring on 0034 655211276 or send me an email via 

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