Changing Face Buddha

The ‘Changing Face Buddha’ series.

For those who follow me it doesn’t come as a surprise that I am often working on several projects at the same time. I can spend weeks, or even months on several writing projects to then feel a strong urge to paint again. Apart from conducting my art classes, the past few months were mainly dedicated to my writing projects, however, I felt the need to create paintings again.

I love to work in series and have, among others, created a series of ‘masked ladies’, ‘flamenco dancers’ and ‘angel paintings’. To me painting is a very meditative experience. Sometimes life throws challenges at you, like when the main water pump, providing water for my husband’s avocado cortijo and other farmers, breaking down and taking two weeks to be repaired. I’m sure you can understand this created a lot of worries and stress. My husband releases his stress by practicing Tai Chi and Qi Kong, but I needed to sit down and just clear my mind. And painting is the best way for me, as it completely empties your head.

I have been attracted to Buddha images, statues, and especially to Buddha quotes and wisdom for many years, so I thought it was time for me to create some Buddha paintings. I sat down in front of my canvas and literally had a reflective, meditative moment, asking the universe or whatever energy is out there to help me create some Buddha art.

I was in a flow and several Buddha paintings came into existence. I loved the process, but was surprised by the tranquility the final images actually transmitted.

An Italian friend, who is a practicing Bhuddist, asked me if he could see one of my paintings, so I sent him a short video. He loved it so much that he asked me whether it was OK to pass it on to his Maestro, a Buddhist monk, who resides in Italy. The feedback from the monk was wonderful. “Il viso risplende di Luce e serenita, quella รจ la tua vera coscienza’. Trust me, that’s a compliment. He then suggested to put the painting in the space where we spend most of our time. So this specific painting, and by now two more, are filling our living room and changing the energy in it for the better.

What surprised me more than I expected is that creating the Buddha paintings totally helped me to let go of my worries and anxiety. I became calm and felt really happy with the result. I made a series of seven Buddha paintings. I am calling this series “The Changing Face of Buddha”.

There is a reason for this name. When you look at these Buddha paintings the colours change, depending on from where you are looking at them. This is because I used bronze, silver and gold paint. All artworks are made with acrylic paint. The deeper meaning is that we all occasionally (or some people all the time) change our faces, depending on who we meet or where we are. We judge each other based on what we perceive, but in reality we are all the same and connected. Something that is sometimes hard to understand, especially when you look at the current state our world is in.

With this Buddha series I’m hoping to emanate some hope and tranquility into the world. The artworks will soon be for sale on my website and the Saatchi online Art gallery.

Two of the artworks are only available as a print as I do not want to part with them (as yet), I feel that I need the calming energy.

To find out what the energy of art can do with your home, check out my The Energy of Art blog.

Interested in my Buddha art? Feel free to contact me via my website or send me a Whatsap message. 0034-655211276.



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