Surrender Balls

Years ago I embarked on a new adventure and discovered the pleasure of creating art with Clay. Below you can view a selection of some of my ceramic works. I like to work with clay and when I have a period with some spare time I create ceramic statues. Apart from busts I like creating my so-called ‘Surrender balls’. these are quite small ceramic balls (some as small as 11x12cm) with a person on top of it. The ball represents the world and the figures surrender to their destiny or circumstances. We all will be faced with challenges in our lives. Some more than others. Often it is best to just try and go with the flow and surrender to the circumstances. This can even lead to new doors opening for you. If you are interested in one of my surrender balls and or would like to find out about which ones are still available and for what prices they go, please contact me via the following email address:


























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