Apart from being an internationally exhibited artist for over 25 years, I have always enjoyed writing.  I love to observe and often see the funny side of life and I like to write both flash fiction and real-life stories about my life in southern Spain. Several of my short-stories have been published, both in printed and online magazines. I have also published six books. ‘Secret Thoughts’, my first book, is a collection of sensual, quirky short stories and flash fiction which often end with an unexpected twist.  The narrators in the stories vary from female, male, to inanimate objects. Some of the stories are slightly surreal, while others are fictional encounters that only exist in the mind; an exciting traffic jam, impossible love between different cultures, a lamp-post expressing its view of the world,  form part of this unique story book. Secret Thoughts is also available in Spanish ‘Pensamientos Secretos’ and are both available from Amazon.

My second book is ‘Cheers’– The hidden voices of alcoholism’. ‘Cheers’ is an important book to me, it reveals the human condition behind alcoholism.  I have interviewed not only partners, children, parents and friends of alcoholics but also health workers in the field of addiction and alcoholics themselves. I recount their stories anonymously, revealing the incredible stories of desperation and pain but ultimately also of hope and escape. This book helps to raise awareness of the widespread problem of alcohol abuse and help those close to people who suffer from alcoholism to find a way to cope with or, indeed, to discover a way out of a situation of isolation. Compassionately written, ‘Cheers’ also offers information about some of the many avenues of help currently available to those affected both directly and indirectly by alcoholism. Cheers is also available in Dutch, Spanish and German. You can purchase it from Amazon.

‘The Art of Feeling Better’ is a series of seven books, so far three have been published, with visualisations and mandalas made by me. These are wonderful little gift books that can help you feel better. So far available: ‘I feel better’, ‘I can forgive‘ and ‘I feel better with astrology‘. Available on Amazon.

‘Reflections from La Herradura’ is a guide book, a history book and a collection of artist’s biographies taking you on a journey through La Herradura, an enchanting village in southern Spain. Available on Amazon both in English and in Spanish.


On this website you will also find examples of my short stories and articles related to Cheers. 

Blogs and website with articles:

I have created an Art blog and a Book blog. The Art blog is about my art and why I feel art is important. The book blog focuses on my book Cheers which is written for a niche audience. 

You can also read stories in a blog that I created called Spanish adventure where I publish quirky stories about my life in southern Spain.


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