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To change the world you have to start with yourself they say, or in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world…. So I’m hoping to inspire others with the changes I have already made for myself. Part of this is a few plans and projects that I am working on. Combining art with things I care about.

In this blog I share one of my projects, RenartsWorld Fashion. In my previous blog (A Risky business), I explained what it means to be a professional artist and sometimes you have to find other venues to help people discover you. It is not just about the artwork or the book, it is about the entire package of who the artist is.

In my case I cannot confine myself to just writing, or just creating art. I like spreading my wings and exploring different areas. But I also increasingly become aware of who I am as a person. And when you like an artwork or a book you might also like to know who the person is behind the creation. As I mentioned in ‘A risky business’, the artist is part of the picture and my story is part of my art. It does make sense. To find out in more detail about who I am, I advise you to check out my blog So what exactly is RenartsWorld

In this blog, I would like to present my latest adventure. Let me explain.

Over the years I have become more aware of the environment and I do my bit to recycle my rubbish and I try to reduce my environmental footprint.

As far as my art is concerned, literally for years, I have dreamed of finding a small, ethical company offering organic T shirts on which to show my designs. This wish became even stronger after watching a BBC documentary about the devastating effects of the clothing industry on our environment. Not only is most of the cotton sprayed with pesticides, the garments are usually created in countries where environmental awareness is not on the agenda and the dyes of the clothes and other chemicals are dumped straight into rivers and nature.

I believe that we also have to change our mindset. Many of us like to buy (cheap or not so cheap) clothes and change our looks with the seasons. Most of the clothes people buy are not recycled and end up in landfills, which is, apparently, one of the greatest pollution problems in our world.

It feels like a lost case and of course you could argue… Why then create yet another clothing company? Well, we don’t all want to run around naked (although depending on where you live, some might argue that they do) as it can get a bit nippy outside and all those bits dangling around in plain sight is something that the western human race is no longer accustomed to.

And, very important to me, the company I am collaborating with is a Company called Teemill, which has true ethics in how they run their business. The organic cotton farmers get fair wages, so do the factory workers, all is done with renewable energy, (you can read more about this on my new Fashion home page) and they even offer a recycling option for when you no longer want your shirts, so that they don’t end up in landfills. This so ties in with what I believe to be right.


So here it is, my new website… RenartsWorldFashion. But what is RenartsWorldFashion? It is a combination of artistic designs, with or without quotes, on 100% organic cotton T-shirts (for men, women and children) and tote bags. Not all my artwork images are on the products, as I want to keep a distinction between my paintings and these clothing items, but you can find a wide range of images, from horoscope mandalas to flamenco dancers… I have of course ordered some samples and can vow for the excellent quality. The T-shirts are wonderfully soft and of course the tote bags can help you get rid of those polluting plastic shopping bags.

Some designs only show the art because it speaks for itself, however I also like to combine colourful art with quotes that inspire, uplift, put a smile on your face and raise awareness, for example the “Be the change” Mahatma Gandhi quote.

Create your own design

You can opt for many different designs. Great as a unique present for a loved one, but … you can also create your own design via the ‘Studio’ tab in the menu. This way you don’t have to invest in lots of T-shirts. You can create and purchase just one or two if you like, with your own design, a family photo … you name it! Of course, you can order as many as you like.

Perhaps that you, as a small (or medium-sized) company, would like your workers to wear ethical T shirts or give clients a 100% organic cotton shopping bag with your personal design, business logo, text, etc. If so you can do this via the studio tab.

If you particularly like one of my designs, but would prefer it with your own specific text, this is also possible for an extra fee! Feel free to contact me directly via

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Together we can change the world if we decide to be the change!


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