I do not use live models, but I get inspired by coincidentally passing people which I alter into models. I mainly paint the female figure and I like to work in series, e.g. flamenco, angels, etc.. Every artwork is a story and each story an artwork in itself which not necessarily has to be recognized by the viewer. I like the observer to recognise their own story in my artwork so that it can blend in with their lives. The red moon in many of my paintings represents the Goddess Isis, symbol for female intuition and creativity. I work intuitively and from my personal emotions which I share with the public, without wanting to be intrusive.

Colourful Women I call my paintings of female figures colourful women. I like to work with strong colours, mixing the paint directly on the canvas.

Flamenco: I also depict the famous Andalusian Dance called Flamenco. I call my series Flamenco with a twist as they are not the usual Flamenco dance images.

Angels: I have created a number of ‘angel paintings’ depicting angels in a slightly sensual way. I work with pallet knife and in these paintings I have also created a ‘glitter’ effect which you only see from a certain angle.

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