Art with a capital A

Entering the hallway in my house

We are surrounded by art, or at least by objects that have been thought up, designed, and created by artistic minds. The logo on your coffee cup, the serviette, the shape of a spoon, the shape of a glass, just a few things I noticed whilst writing this in a seaside café in La Herradura. It makes you wonder… well at least it makes me wonder about how important ‘art’ actually is in our society. At some point a creative mind has started the process of creating, but we don’t really look at the designs on our clothes and other objects and they are not considered to be Art with a capital A. Of course they are reproductions, but hopefully the artist or designer who has come up with the idea has been paid for his efforts. When you live in southern Spain you will be able to go to numerous art exhibitions.

Practically each town and village has a cultural centre where local artists can exhibit their work. This is fantastic for the artists and for those who love art. But it has to be said that the amount of visitors to most art exhibitions, apart from the opening day perhaps, is very low. This is a shame as you might discover that perfect painting or statue that just completes your interior design. I believe Art is more than just interior design.

Any professional artist has spent many years studying and practicing to get to a certain stage where the piece of art is created. It isn’t just a matter of inspiration and use of material. Art is more.  It is unique, it carries the energy of the artist and it can be a good investment. I think original artwork adds to the welcoming atmosphere of a home.

my home

In fact a house without art on the walls doesn’t feel like a home. Many artists sell their work as prints as well, which is great as it is an affordable way for people who do not have the money to purchase an original. However, there are also people who buy or renovate a property, spend lots of money, hire a fancy interior designer, buy expensive furniture, expensive curtains and other homey accessories and then, as a final touch, they put some factory prints on the wall. I don’t really understand that and would love people to become more aware of the added value of an original piece of art. It is unique, it is only yours and it carries a piece of the soul of the artist.

The story the artwork depicts will become your story. I’ve been lucky enough to have sold many of my paintings and ceramic statues to clients all over the world over the past three decades and although the crisis has definitely made it a challenge to survive as an artist I feel privileged in being able to create my art, to spend hours working on something that I like and that, perhaps, will be loved by a future customer. And every now and then you get a confirmation that what you do has a purpose, has a meaning.
This happened when I received a photo of a customer in Holland, who purchased one of my ceramic statues, some 15 years ago. This customer has now become a keen photographer and I love what he did with my work, a ceramic torso that he included in his work. A piece of Art in a piece of Art. Used in this post with the permission of the photographer Frans Pessers.



The title is: ‘Uit de kast komen’ (‘Coming out of the closet’) by Frans Pessers.



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