An avocado farm, a tapas lunch and a masterpiece

An avocado farm, a tapas lunch and going home with a masterpiece.

It’s all possible in La Herradura. This is a one day painting Masterclass, which also includes an extensive tapas lunch and a guided tour around a small avocado and chirimoya farm (cortijo) close to La Herradura.

Please note

This is a painting Masterclass. If you like to just get a tour around the ‘cortijo’, which will include a drink and a few tapas, feel free to check out the link at the bottom of this article.

What to expect:

You will be welcomed, with a coffee or tea and a treat, at 10.00 in the morning.

We will start painting at approx. 10.30, for 2.5 hours.  You can choose whether you want to work from an example, like a flamenco dancer, parrots …. or you can create a landscape painting. 

This unique day out is suitable for beginners and or experienced painters. You will learn how to mix and use colours and how to set up a painting. If you are an experienced painter you will get tips about how to get to your ‘next level’.

At 13.00 we will stretch our legs and go for a guided walk around the ‘cortijo’ where you will learn about the different types of avocados, about the cultivation of avocados, chirimoyas and other subtropical fruits.

At 13.45 we will enjoy an extensive tapas lunch with different tapas and salads that will surprise your taste buts in a positive manner. Drinks are included. You will also learn about the magical village of La Herradura with its major historical disaster which was kept hidden from the rest of Spain and indeed the world.

At approx. 15.00 we will continue our painting for another 2.5 hours. A one day Masterclass gives the student just enough time to finish a painting and go home with their own ‘masterpiece’.

Because this is a great day out with a group of friends I don’t set dates for these Masterclasses – So feel free to create your own group. Minimum 6 people, maximum 12.

Tell your friends!

The price for this unique, creative day out is € 95.00 per person. This includes all the materials, the lunch, the drinks and the guided tour of the ‘cortijo’.

The farm is approx. 5 km up in the La Herradura mountains, so you will need your own transport to get there. There is sufficient space for parking.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for more information and to book your Masterclass. email: or telephone (0034) 655211276


If you do not fancy discovering the artist in you, You can come to the avocado and chirimoya farm for a guided tour and a few tapas and a drink. You can also have a one day Masterclass in La Herradura village (does not include lunch). 

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