An Artist Statement

An Artist Statement

So now ‘we’ have established that I am a ‘Real Artist’ (read my first blog: When is art real art?  it’s time for me to write an artist statement.

Until now I’ve always thought that my art speaks for itself and that who I am, what techniques I’ve used and where I got my inspiration from is not all that important to potential buyers. People either love my work or they don’t. But I now realise that I was wrong. It’s important to paint the full picture so to speak. I will blog about my art and live as an artist so feel free to follow me but as far as my art in general is concerned you can read my artist statement below.

Artist Statement

I like to describe my work as impressionist art as I work wet on wet with short strokes, mixing my colours on the canvas and not using black paint. Dark and grey tones are achieved by mixing complementary colours. I usually work in 3 layers. I create a basic layer roughly painting my subject and background in very bright and strong colours, then I built the painting up from there. For the final layer I often add thick strokes of paint, either with a pallet knife or brush and then I might add some lines to define my shapes.

Subject matter

My subject matter is mostly the female figure. I don’t use models and I like to use surreal colours in my art. The overall message of my art is one of acceptance. The beauty of being who you are. I try to express this through my use of colours and the shapes of my female figures. I’m definitely not trying to achieve perfection in the pose or dimensions. The beauty comes from the inside, from the energy that is emanating from the painting. I seek the perfection in the imperfection.


My inspiration comes from live in general. This is also noticeable in my use of colours. When I was living in The Netherlands my colours were rather dark, but the work I made during the 5 years I lived in Italy and now, in Spain, where I have lived since 2003, is made with colours that are a lot brighter as if touched by the sun and the colours outside.


Costa flamenco

I like to work in series, e.g. Flamenco, angel paintings… I intend to paint a story which not necessarily has to be recognised by the viewer. I encourage the observer to recognise their own story in my artwork so that it can blend in with their lives. The red moon in many of my paintings represents the Goddess Isis, symbol for female intuition and creativity. I work intuitively and from my personal emotions which I share with the public, without wanting to be intrusive.

Some of the main series I’ve created over the past:

Colourful Women: I call my paintings of female figures ‘colourful’ women as I like to work with strong colours, mixing them directly on the canvas.

Flamenco: I depict the famous Andalusian dance called Flamenco. I call this series ‘flamenco with a twist’ as my dancers are mostly standing or sitting down, not moving.

Angels: A series of angel paintings, depicting angels in a slightly sensual way.

Buddha impressions: Colourful Buddha faces, just because I love painting them and they really put me into a calm frame of mind, both creating them and looking at them.

Animals: I’ve embarked on something I’ve never done before and that is painting animals, but in my own style, colourful, a bit rough, but with a positive message hidden in the painting.

I hope my audience feels drawn in by my use of colours and gets a story in their head whilst observing my work.


Get to know me!

Do you love art and would you like to follow my blog? Feel free to subscribe to my blogs! You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’m not giving away gifts, I don’t make any promises, all you get is a story, my story… about what inspires me, about who I was and who I am now, with images of my art work. I hope you enjoy my colourful journey.

You will also see a link to my blog about a specific book I wrote and as a subscriber you will be able to download two chapters of this book for free. I leave it up to you to decide whether my Art is real Art.

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