Alcohol Facts


Let me enlighten you with some more alcohol facts.  A lot of people think that alcohol addiction affects mainly men. Alcoholism in women is not something most people know about. Of course we are all regularly reminded in the media that the alcohol abuse through binge drinking, specifically in the younger generation, concerns both young women and men, but older women and alcohol abuse or alcohol-related  problems is not something we hear about a lot.

Most people are not that interested in finding information about alcohol facts, but are we all burying our heads in the sand? I am a woman but I was still quite shocked as to how many women are actually suffering from alcoholism.

During the writing of ┬┤Cheers┬┤ I also did quite a bit of research on the internet and found that, although statistically more men than women suffer from alcoholism, the prevailing assumption is that men with alcohol addiction often look for help in rehabilitation centres and, for example, in organisations like AA, but that women often seek their help in a psychiatric health direction.

However, things are changing. Meetings where people suffering from alcoholism get together to help each other are now increasingly frequented by more women as well.

Alcoholics usually drink because they have an urge to drink and the alcohol becomes the most important thing for them, more than anything else. So even their partner, children, work, everything comes second.

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