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Artist bio:

My name is Renate van Nijen and I am a successful Dutch artist, art teacher and published writer living in Spain.  (For images of art and books on the home page scroll down). If you like to read my artist statement and CV feel free to click on the following links:  Artist CV and Artist Statement

A professional artist

I have internationally exhibited and sold my art for over 35 years, amongst which in Amsterdam, Rome and Paris, and many other locations in The Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain.

I don’t use models but I do get inspired by what I see. I love to observe the world and then create my paintings with what has been stored in my imagination. I do check out some wild-life photography to get inspired for my animal paintings.

My Umbrella name is ‘RenartsWorld – The Art of Feeling Better’ because I know Art can make you feel Better!

On this website you can find a lot of examples of my art. See my homepage or go to gallery.  I actually like to work in series, so I’ve created a series of colourful women, flamenco dancers, spirit animals, Buddha impressions, masked women…. and I am currently working on a series of powerful women.

I also sell my original art and art prints via the prestigious Saatchi online gallery.

A writer

Since 2010 I have published 8 books. Amongst which Secret Thoughts, sensual and quirky short stories with a twist and Reflections from La Herradura, a book with the stories of many artists (of all types ) and visionaries and also some history of this seaside village with a major disaster involving the Spanish Armada, which was kept secret for the rest of Spain.   

During the first Covid19 lockdown in March and April of 2020 I wrote Tapas of Tales with funny stories about my life in Spain and Memories of World War II – the war seen through teenage eyes, with the stories of my now 91-year-old dad about his memories as a teenager in a family in the Resistance in War time The Netherlands (one of his brothers died due to an action for the Resistance). In 2020 I also revised and re-edited Cheers, breaking the silence…one voice at a time’ which reveals the human condition behind alcoholism – used by the British government as a testimonial for their alcohol policy in 2011. I feel this is an important book to bring awareness about what alcohol can do to people.  (I was myself a former victim of living with a so-called functioning alcoholic for twelve years). The book contains the stories of 40 people affected directly or indirectly by alcoholism. I’ve created a separate website for this book. If you click on the bold words of the title you will be led to this website.

 I write my books in English but some have been translated into Dutch, Spanish and German.

For more information about my other books, I invite you to click on My books

An art teacher

I started teaching art when living in Spain in 2006 and due to the corona virus, I now also teach art online. For information about my art classes, you can check out the menu bar as I offer various options.

I also offer art classes for teenagers. These classes are specifically for teens and it has the benefit of peer-learning. Please feel free to check out TeenArt


Who needs an Angel

I kind of like Angels, and I have created a very colourful, quirky Angle oracle card deck which I have called MeMoment Angel cards as it will encourage you to take some time for yourself.


A mandala lover

I don’t exactly remember when mandalas came into my life, but it has been at least a few decades ago. I just loved creating these symmetrical designs. I have a preference for hand-made mandalas and I like to explore the perfection of imperfection.

I also organise online intention mandala workshops which is a wonderful experience to do with some friends. As some say “it helped me feel inner peace”.

You can also purchase a personalised mandala, for example for a special occasion or for you office or home. For more information click on the link.


A little bit more about me:

 I recycle, I buy as much organic as I can and I love to inspire others through combining my art with inspiring quotes and making them available to you on RenartsWorldFashion where I sell my designs on products. I am really passionate about this shop where everything is made with ethical principles, 100% organic, recycled materials, renewable energy and fair trade.

For some of my designs on other products check out my RedBubble page.

 I am married to an organic avocado farmer, well the avocados are organic, although my husband as well pretty much as we eat mostly organic food and weather permitting and Covid a thing of the past, I also offer Art masterclasses on the avocado farm which includes a tapas lunch and a tour around the farm.

If you like to be kept informed about everything I do and create then feel free to follow my Facebook Art Page

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