About mandalas

Mandala means “circle”in Sanskrit and is a powerful symbol that can be found in many cultures and seems to arise out of a universal human psychic matrix which is ubiquitous. It is a symmetrical design within a circle and is usually composed of colours, symbols and patterns. It is said that each mandala holds specific energy. Mandalas are perhaps best known for their symbolic and ritual use in Hinduism and Buddhism, but can also be found in Celtic and many other ancient cultures and religions.

The colours, symmetry and symbols in a mandala can create a powerful energy and help you become more relaxed, more focused and/or feeling inspired. Often people are attracted to a certain mandala in different stages in their lives. It is a subconscious process as we are drawn in by the design and the colour. You can also give your mandala a positive meaning – for example reminding you of a – to you – significant moment in your life. Each time you look at the mandala this will be a powerful inspiration to be positive.

Mandalas are also used in psychoanalyses and  in medicine as a healing tool. C.G. Jung used mandalas to reveal subconscious patterns and referred to them “as an instrument of contemplation to aid concentration by narrowing down the psychic field of vision and restricting it to the centre”. He went on to say that “the energy of the central point is manifested in the almost irresistible urge to become what one is, the self.”

​An increasing number of clinical studies suggest that meditation can boost the immune system, reduce stress, combat depression, reduce pain, lower blood pressure and stimulate the release of melatonin, a hormone believed to slow cell aging and promote restful sleep. Meditation by means of concentrating on a mandala induces harmony and inner peace. Mandalas may be used as a focal point for meditation or relaxation, as a reminder of something significant or just as a beautiful image on your wall that will help you to feel positive or to simply brighten up your day.

 For more information about mandalas with lots of images click on this link

A great day out with a group of friends creating your own mandala, check it out here.

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