About colours

Colours are an important component of our life. The impact of colours can have an influence on your mind. For example a blue sea can be calming and an intensely red sunset can fill you with the desire to create. You can also use colours to create inspiring or calm surroundings. Every colour has its own atmosphere and a unique psychological impact, although we are usually not aware of this. In India and China colour magic has been an important component of medicine for thousands of years. You can increase your inner strengths by harnessing the strength of colours.

Meaning of colours:
On the internet and in books you can find a lot of information on the meaning of colours. Sometimes opinions differ. Colours are believed to have both positive and negative traites. I will only focus on the positive effects of the colours in this website.

White:  Start a new phase. Characteristics: complete, generous, openness, unity, lightness and reveals what is hidden and untrue.

Orange: joy, optimism and the will to succeed. Characteristics: strength, gracefulness, affectionate, tolerant, freedom, contact-oriented and inexhaustible energy.

Brown: can work protectively and indicates natural wisdom and feeling with nature. Characteristics: soundness, reliability, moderation, sensible, self-consciousness, confidentiality and loyalty.

Red: Is associated with vitality, power and determination and attracts success. Characteristics: leadership, standing up for rights, creative, dynamic, perseverance, gratitude, joy and pioneer.

Pink: stands for hope, susceptibility and intimacy. It is the colour of love and friendship, reconciliation, luck and harmony.

Yellow: stimulates the spirit and represents success and knowledge. Characteristics: mental versatility, joy, originality, accuracy, expansion, tolerance, honesty and confidence.

Green: symbol for prosperity and fertility and can be comforting and calming. Characteristics: tactful, practical, stable, productive, rich in imagination, progressive involvement and relationships.

Blue: believed to be the colour of the soul, representing, among other things, healing and idealism. Characteristics: wisdom, patience, truth, spiritual, calming, healing and loyalty.

Purple: represents spiritual strength. Characteristics: sovereignty, unselfish, humanity, dignity, mentally creative, unlimited, the paranormal and belief.

Grey: represents a transitional phase. Characteristics: being informed, mental health, realism, understanding connections, opposites and respectable.

Black is often seen as something negative, but it also refers to the end of something and to new beginnings. Characteristics: a good use of power, creativity, clairvoyant gifts, and hidden treasures.

Silver is considered to be the colour of visions and intuition. Characteristics: enlightening, reflecting, unbiased, and desiring.

Gold is a symbol of well-being and a long life. Characteristics: generosity, experience, maturity, wisdom, vitality, triumph and forgiveness.

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