A guided tour of an avocado farm

A guided tour of a typical Spanish avocado farm

Have you ever wondered how those avocados grow so abundantly around the Costa Tropical? Any idea how many different types of avocados there are? Or what the life of an avocado farmer looks like?

You can now come to a small avocado and ‘chirimoya’ farm (also called ‘cortijo’) in the mountains near La Herradura and find out.

You will be welcomed with a drink and a’ tapa’ and get some general information about the farm and its surroundings.

We will then go on a guided tour. A fun experience with a group of friends. You will never look at an avocado the same way after you find out about the ins and outs of farming avocados. You will also learn about ‘chirimoyas’ and ‘nisperas’.

After the tour we get back to the little ‘cortijo’ to enjoy another drink and a few ‘tapas’. You will learn about the history of the region and the magical village of La Herradura, with its major historical event that was kept quiet for the rest of Spain and the world. 

A great trip with a group of friends

You organise your group (minimum 4 – maximum 16)

You will come to the ‘cortijo’ with your own transport. We will drive in front of you so you won’t get lost. We will explain where to meet.

You can choose a day that suits you best and either have a morning tour or an afternoon tour.

The morning tour starts at 10.00 (at the meeting point) and will last between two and a half and three hours.

The afternoon tour starts at 15.30 (at the meeting point) and will last between two and a half  and three hours

Price per person

Price per person 20€ for a group of 8.  For larger groups it is 15€ extra per person.

Smaller groups are possible but prices will vary:

Group of 4  –  5   =  32.50€        per person

Group of  6          =   30€            per person

Group of 7            =  25 €            per person

For bookings you can contact Renate via email: renate@renatevannijen.com

or phone 0034-655211276

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