‘A drinking Culture’ related articles

We live in times where many countries can be recognised by a specific drinking culture. My ex-partner was a functioning alcoholic and having spent 12 years of my life with him I have learned a lot about the subject. I have even written a book about it for which I interviewed many people. You can read more about “Cheers, the hidden voices of alcoholism” via a link on the home page.

I have become rather passionate about the subject and consider myself an experience expert. As a writer I always carry a notebook (I love beautiful notebooks) with me to write down bits of texts that I can later use in a story or article. 

This page contains a large number of Cheers-related articles by me and by Mandy Shanks. These posts and articles discuss various themes with regard to alcoholism and society. I invite you to scroll down this page to read that which might interest you. You can click on the bold titles to go to the article.

Testimony of an alcoholic

What happened to ‘Cheers’

A guest blog at Pat Moore Foundation

You drink Alcohol?

Seven days of living with an alcoholic

How His Alcohol Problems Affect My Life

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol facts

Alcohol facts in relation to alcoholics

Alcohol facts relating to health

Surprising Alcohol Facts You Should Know

Alcohol rehabilitation / what are the options?

Teenage alcohol abuse

Alcohol and depression

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning 


Articles by Mandy Shanks

What is alcoholism?

Codependents of alcoholics

Compassion for the Alcoholic? 

What exactly is Alcoholism? 

Alcoholism, alcohol addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal

What is alcoholism, addiction or a disease? 

Living with an alcoholic – Biology

Alcohol abuse facts 


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