Art classes, Oracle cards and ethically produced products

Art classes, Angel oracle cards and art on ethically produced products.

I love inspiring people and helping them to find their talent. Everybody can paint in my opinion, and we all can develop our own style. I have been conducting art classes since 2006 in Southern Spain. Due to the lockdown I also decided to teach online via zoom, which works really well!  Interested, find out more about my Art classes here.


Angel oracle cards

I rather like oracle cards and in 2019 I decided to create my own angel oracle card. Each card has a colourful angel, sometimes a bit quirky and there are also a sunflower and a few poppy flowers in each design. I have called these cards MeMoment Angel cards. On the back of the cards there is a text about why you were intuitively drawn to pick a specific card and then a MeMoment suggestion to have a moment with yourself. You can find out more about my MeMoment angel cards here.

Art on ethically produced clothes

A few years ago I discovered a platform where I could sell my art on 100% organic cotton Tote bags and T-shirts, and also on Certified recycled paper. All created with renewable energy, fairtrade and ethically sourced materials. I really like that idea and for this reason I thought. Be the change you like to see in the world.. That’s a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, but a nice quote I feel. So I created my RenartsWorldFashion website. You can check out more when you click here.

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