If you are following me you will know that I like to work in Series. I’ve created series of colourful women, women with masks, flamenco women, but also Buddha impressions, Angels and Spirit Animals.

In this post I like to share some information about my Angel and my Spirit Animal paintings.

I meditate every day and I can honestly say that I believe that it keeps me healthy. I love those moments with myself and 

apart from finding inner peace they are often also moments where I get lots of new ideas and inspiration.

I try to meditate at least 1 hour a day! 

I like to paint Angels and have even created an Angel oracle card deck, called MeMoment Angels. To read more about that feel free to check them out. MeMoment Angels.

I’ve also created a series of Angel paintings. You can check out the gallery for images for sale. Some of them are available as canvas prints. Check out the menu bar. For mor information about my Angel paintings feel free to check out Angels.

Spirit Animals

My latest adventure inspired by my meditations are my Spirit Animals, or perhaps you prefer to call them animal paintings. To find out more about my spirit animal paintings I invite you to check out the Spirit Animal page

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