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I often wonder whether it is the image or the colours of the artwork that create a certain atmosphere in a home. It is commonly known that colours influence the energy in a space. It’s difficult to imagine life without colours. They influence our mood and can bring us joy and happiness.

This morning I was walking my dog along the seafront of the fisherman’s village in southern Spain where I live. It is winter and I enjoyed the feeling of fresh air on my face. The colours of the sea were amazing, turquoise close to the shore and dark indigo near the horizon. White snow clouds (according to my Spanish husband) drifted above the sea on the horizon in an otherwise clear bright blue sky.The scene would make a perfect landscape picture, but I don’t paint landscapes. However, it had a strong effect on my mood. I felt calm, relaxed, grateful and happy.The worries that had filled my head when I got up that morning had left my brain. I felt inspired to write a blog about art, about colours and about why art is important in a home.

Entering the hallway in my house

Colour therapy

Its’s nothing new that colours can affect our state of mind and that a turquoise blue sea can have a calming effect. You can use colours to create an inspiring or a calm environment. Every colour creates a specific energy and has a unique psychological impact, which we are often not aware of. Colours are even used for healing. There is evidence that colour therapy dates back thousands of years as a complementary therapy in medicine in the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India.

We all use colours in our homes. It doesn’t matter whether we are influenced by the latest fashion or follow our own taste. We feel attracted to the colour of a new sofa and we add curtains and pillows that we feel compliment the sofa. We choose the colours for the paint on the walls, for our floors, carpets, tables and chairs.

How important is Art in our home

However, what about our wall? We often focus most of our energy on the design of the sofa, the cupboards, the general layout, accessories, etc., but when it comes down to the walls many of us are not so bothered.  I feel that when doing so, people truly miss out on

Quality prints of my art in the home of a client

an important detail. When an artwork that speaks to the individual adds to, influences and sometimes even creates the ambience. This applies to both colourful paintings and, for example, black and white artistic photos.

Living room in my home

 I’m totally convinced that art emanates a unique and special energy. That’s why art in a house – or in the workspace – is so important. 

My art on the wall of a happy customer who bought several paintings.

Art comes in many shapes and forms, but when an original painting or a quality print of an artwork intrigues, or speaks to the heart, this will totally change the atmosphere in a space in a positive way. An original painting or statue completes an interior design.

My art on wall of happy customer.

The energy of art

Dining room in my home

Art (and for the sake of this blog I’m referring to paintings) isn’t just a combination of colours and/or images on a canvas . Professional artists spent many years studying and practising to get to a stage where they create their latest piece of art. It’s more than inspiration and use of material. It’s unique; it holds the energy of the past and present of the artist. I believe an original artwork adds to the welcoming atmosphere of a home. I’ll stick my neck out and go as far as to say that a house without art on the walls doesn’t feel like a home.

Then there is of the added value of an original piece of art. It’s unique, it’s only yours and it carries a piece of the soul of the artist. Moreover, the story that the artwork you purchase depicts becomes part of your story, giving it colour and personality. And an added bonus … unlike a sofa or a cupboard (not talking about antiques here), an artwork can be a great investment.

So to answer the question whether it is the image or the colours of the artwork … it is both, the image and the colours of an artwork emanate that very special energy that will turn your house into your home.

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