Experimenting with mono-prints.  I was inspired by a large image of just the head of a Buddha on the wall of a friend of mine whilst we were chatting via Skype. I didn’t want to literally copy it, just to get an impression of a Buddha head.

In my studio and went to work. I was in a good place, I felt calm and peaceful. Maybe it helps that I actually like the teachings of Buddha and that I have Buddha sculptures, both in my living room and in my bedroom. It acts as a reminder of that way of thinking which in fact teaches you to live from the heart.

I used some old tiles and painted them with acrylics, which meant I had to work fast and without thinking too much, as acrylic paint dries up rapidly.

When I had made the first print I added paint to the same tile again and made another print. I decided to not make more than five prints of each tile. I ended up with seven different prints (from two tiles) that I like more than I thought I would. I made some minor touch ups with a brush, signed them and then allowed them to dry.

The result is my first series of Buddha-inspired mono prints. For information about prices and size you can visit the gallery in the menu bar.

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