A guest blog about my experience – Pat Moore Foundation

Rather than something to be ashamed of, or to keep hidden, I think alcoholism and its effects on society as a whole and those directly and indirectly affected is something society has a responsibility to deal with, not ignore or deny.

I really want to raise awareness of this important issue and encourage those whose lives are consumed by alcoholism to to emerge from their isolation, and get the help they need.
There are many organisations and foundations offering help to those affected. The Pat Moore Foundation is a fine example of this.

I was delighted when I was asked to post as a blog about my experience of living with an alcohol addicted partner on their site.

Pat Moore Foundation

For many years the Pat Moore Foundation has been empowering men and women suffering from substance abuse and addiction. As they indicate on their website they know, from experience, that chemical dependency and alcoholism  can also greatly impact the family and nearest and dearest in a contagious fashion.

You will be able to read my story on the guest blog page of www.patmoorefoundation.com/consumed-alcoholism

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