Reflections from La Herradura

Reflections from a seaside village in southern Spain.

When I first came to the village of La Herradura I immediately fell in love with it, but I could not really explain why. It felt magical even though, as far as architectural beauty is concerned, I was not all that impressed at the time – something that is changing as the streets in the old centre are being redressed with mosaic patterns. But on my first visit it was the shape of the bay, the way the two sea arms seemed to embrace the sea and a feeling. It took ten years before I could finally move to the village. Whilst my life was going in a totally different direction and I went from feeling sad over an ended relationship and a couple of years later meeting a wonderful Spanish man from La Herradura who I can now call my husband. I fell more and more in love with the village and I’m here to stay. 

Since I’ve moved here I have become aware that I’m not the only one who was attracted by the village and – for its size – it seems to draw quite a few writers, painters, musicians and other creative people. It was, in fact, the home (for many months of the year) of the famous Andres Segovia, a classic guitar maestro who also fell in love with the village.

I was intrigued and decided to interview people to find out what attracted them to the village. I decided to write a book, including their experiences, but also the amazing history and the evolution of the village. Reflections from La Herradura was born.  Every chapter also includes a small description of the village so that when you are reading you will get to know the village and discover its secrets and hidden places. The book is in fact a combination of a history book, a guide book and a collection of biographies rolled into one and it will give you a fascinating glimpse into life in a seaside village on the Costa Tropical as well as a peak into the minds of its artists and visionaries. The cover depicts a flamenco dancer, the shape of a horseshoe (The word la herradura means horsehoe) and a white village.

You don’t have to live or stay in La Herradura to enjoy the book, but you might want to go there after reading it. The book was written in the English language, but has also been translated into Spanish.

You can buy Reflections from La Herradura either by clicking on the link below (or get it from your nearest Amazon online store) or, if you are in La Herradura, from the two ‘librerias: Libreria Coral and Libreria Paramo or from bar The Hide Away or Costa Tropical Tapas bar. Also available from Blue Bay Art Gallery, next to Hotel Almijaras

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English version      spanish version

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