About me

Artist bio: My name is Renate van Nijen and I am a successful Dutch artist, art teacher and published writer living in Spain.  (For images of art and books on the home page scroll down). If you...

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Latest Artwork

A few months ago I was gifted some canvases and oil paints amongst other things, and I decided to have a go again at oils. I used to only paint with oil paint for over two decades, but then, actually...

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Colourful women

Colourful, sensual women, created without a model! Check out my powerful females and my Flamenco with a twist art collection, all celebrating the female figure, sometimes in unusual colours. I get...

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Inspiration during lockdown

And then there was a lockdown! What to do next? I decided to write two new books and revise one existing book! So to be honest I’ve not been bored during the Covid19 lockdown here in Spain. I’ve been...

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Buddha Impressions

The ‘Changing Face Buddha’ series. For those who follow me it doesn’t come as a surprise that I am often working on several projects at the same time. I can spend weeks, or even...

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