The Artist and the village

‚ÄčI am a Dutch born artist and published writer. I have been living in Southern Spain since 2004. I followed my...



Apart from being an internationally exhibited artist for over 25 years, I have always enjoyed...


I do not use live models, but I get inspired by coincidentally passing people which I alter into models. I...


Flamenco with a twist

Flamenco with a twist
The Flamenco is a Spanish dance and folk music, originally from the south of Spain, the province of Andalusia. Flamenco consists of singing, guitarmusic, dance and hand...

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A world of colourful women

Feel free to take a look at my ‘colourful women’ paintings. You will find a collection of oil paintings which include the female figure, somtimes in unusual colours. I do not use models...

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Angel paintings

I like to work in series and those who have been following me know that I have periods where I work on specific subjects. My overal style always has a slightly surreal and sometimes abstract...

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Download here the Cheers information flyer
Cheers reveals the human condition behind alcoholism. For a period of twelve years  I myself have experienced the complexity of living with an...

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Free hand Mandalas

The magical world of mandalas
I have a passion for mandalas.  I see the mandalas as a more personal part of my work, so not so much part of my work as an artist. However, I love creating them...

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